Thursday, January 13, 2011

Low Cal Something for the New Year

You may be continuing or starting your "healthier lifestyle" here in January. I stumbled on an idea in the kitchen the other day that actually turned out well. Sometimes they don't. nuff said :)

Vegetable Salad Surprise came about this way....BTW, any made up recipe of mine is always titled the "something, something? SURPRISE" just because it makes it sound like a culinary adventure. I'm a legend in my own mind. Ha Ha!

I had some peppers that were not so long term healthy and needed to be eaten. I was feeling too short on time and lazy to prepare lettuce for a salad. So, I cut up the red and green peppers into bite size pieces, cut cucumber slices into 1/4's and threw them into a bowl. Then I added some homemade salsa (Pioneer Woman's recipe) and tossed it around. It looked good just like that but my menopausal taste buds generally scream for alot of flavor. So I added some Sundried Tomato and Parmesan salad dressing - just a dash or two - and mixed it all up. I added some spicy pepper just to make sure the "buds" were going to jump for joy...and whahla!!!!
Vegetable Salad Surprise!!!

Very tasty and very low calorie!!! The next night I took what was left over topped my salad with it. A flavorful reprise and no wasting produce - YES!!!

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