Monday, January 10, 2011

"Knowing" Is An Intimate Word

Knowing is a good word. It suggests an inside track on something, a first hand understanding, a confident capture, an experiential familiarity - you get the idea. Well last week we finally got to KNOW the answer to a very important question.

With Lori and Ethan expecting their first baby in June - we have all been hanging on till the ultrasound a few days ago. The big thing to KNOW?? What this little tator tot is going to be, of course.....BOY or GIRL????

It changes everything to KNOW. It immediately removes 50% of the thinking process on everything from names, to clothing to room decor. It takes your conversation from the "it" and "the baby" realm to very specific, endearing references. It takes your heart from a fuzzy portrait of a "neutral" baby to one that is either pink or blue.

Oh, are you wanting me to get on with the big reveal of what I now "know"???????

SHE'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A wonderful, sweet, baby smelling bundle of hugs and kisses all dressed up in pink and lace and polka dots. I cannot wait!!!!

She is now my granddaughter - how cool is that? SHE will now be connected to me FOREVER. Nothing can or will change that. I am so ready for this experience and have prepared those around me for the totally bonkers me that will soon emerge.

I'm ever so thankful that my granddaughter's family lives less than 20 minutes door to door. I plan to be on everlasting call for anything and everything she needs.

I have to go now. I'm needing to go outfit my soon to be minivan with carrier, car seat, pack n play and whatever else I need to be the "go to" granny. (that's not what I'm going to be called, BTW, but am open to suggestions.)

So much to do for baby girl including praying for her safe arrival. I love you like you're already here, little angel!!

Love, Nanny


  1. Yay! Of COURSE she's a girl! She will fit right into the Langmade bunch!
    Congrats, Nanny!
    Love you!
    Amy T.


  3. Thank you for loving our little girl before she even arrives! I never knew that you could love someone you've never met! June can't come soon enough! And I know for sure you will be the BEST Nanny ever! Can't wait to raise this little angel with you by my side every step of the way! Thank you in advance for all the help you will give me! I love you, mom!

  4. Betsy! I'm just slap thrilled for you! A GrandGirl! I just found out -- New Year's that I'll be a GrandMom! Of course we are several months behind you but I'm READY to get going.

    I'm shopping for pack n play and car seat. Checking out the stroller and the high chairs. But, of course, I'm waiting to buy until we 'KNOW' too.
    We're a girl crew around here, too. Would love a little boy but girls.... ahh there is something so very precious about that baby girl.