Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm choosing to call these entries "Cooking" rather than "recipes" because I'd like the freedom to just explore the whole idea of cooking. Sometimes I'll share non-recipes. Other times things like a list of things to always have on hand in your kitchen. Still others may explore how to really enjoy cooking - it's a choice I'm making lately.

So here's the first non-recipe. A non-recipe is something I made in my kitchen that is totally made from what I had on hand. This is something I've been doing more and more lately and almost every time it's turned out great.

Being a good cook is a combination of knowing recipes enough to learn what sauces and spices can be interchanged with various meats and sides. Sometimes recipes shouldn't be messed with and sometimes they should be thrown out altogether for the thrill of adventure. It's FUN!!!

Hope you are needing some additional FUN like I am. So go for it!!!

Fish Non-Recipe
4-5 Talapia fillets [you can use another kind of fish, mine were bought frozen &were paritally frozen when I started cooking]
I took about 3 T. of butter, 1-2 tsp. of minced garlic (jar) and melted it on Med. heat in fry pan.
I added some lemon pepper seasoning and some salt and let it get a little bubbly in the fry pan.
Then I added about 3 T. of cocktail sauce and stirred it good.
I set the fillets in the sauce and rolled them over once to coat.
When the edges were turning white I flipped them over, coating again, and then flipped them once more and let them continue to cook on Med. heat until they were all white.
For just a minute before serving, I cranked the heat up to Med High and let the sauce turn into more of a glaze on the fish. No right or wrong way to do that....just try it for yourself.

I served the fish with green beans that I steamed after drizzling with a bit sesame oil (you can use olive oil) and Teriyaki sauce (I like Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce/Publix). Also added some minced garlic and onion in there. Steam until they are the softness you like - smooshy or tender crisp. Once again - no right or wrong - you get to choose. I tossed with a few sunflower nuts before serving.

I was choosing no carbs that day so I decided to forgo the rice but it sure would have tasted great with this.

Dave was very complimentary about this one.

You brave enough to try this kind of cooking?


  1. YhooHoo!!
    Welcome Betsy!!
    I love that you love cooking. I will visit often for ideas.

  2. yes, and i like to use what i have on hand...that's brave too !!!

  3. you're the bomb in the kitchen! somehow this type a daughter of yours needs to get creative and learn how to do this!