Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Faces, New Friends

Well, this week has been a definite turning point for me. I just had the great privilege of spending 3 days with some amazing women. Some of them I work with every day. But I saw them fresh as they led and served and used every ounce of their hearts to welcome 25+ women to our extended team for 2011.

We laughed, trained, ate, cried, played silly games, ate, laughed, cried, dodged raindrops, heat and humidity(really bad hair day
for me), ate, shared, laughed, get the picture. It was a crash course in doing life together.

These women will pour countless hours of effort and heart investment into planning, preparing, and praying for a ministry that I dearly love. They will each walk along side us for an event that will come to their city. What do they receive in return? Well, I wish it could be a million dollars or more! But I'm not sure that would surpass what I am praying that it will be. It will be HUGE in God's economy.

Why was it a turning point for me? Because in the environment we work in - these women, all of them, change my life forever. Their stories, their hearts, their words of instruction, inspiration and encouragement. They are somethin' else!!

Being the closet introvert I am - I am wiped out on this Saturday morning. But I couldn't be more full and joyful as I replay every precious moment of the last few days and hope they know they are LOVED and APPRECIATED!!

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  1. Beautiful, from the heart..
    love you Betsy... p