Sunday, February 6, 2011

Celebrating Sisters

My sister is a beautiful person on many levels. Her looks, sense of humor, energy for life, creativity and persona make her one of those people that gets the attention and affection of others. She and I have quite a history, as you can imagine? We're just 16 months apart in our family birth order of four. We're stuck together like peanut butter and jelly in the middle of two wonderful brothers.

We were great playmates as young girls, followed our separate interests and friends as teens, and reunited as young brides and mommies in our early 20's. We've never had the privilege of living in the same city as sisters, in fact we were for many years on opposite ends of north and south - yet we've been thoroughly entwined in each other's lives.

We've been through some pretty rough stuff. No need for details here but I should probably say some REALLY rough stuff. Life isn't pretty but it is real. Hurts, pain, desperation come to us all at one point or another. Me and sis have gutted out our share of that together. Supporting in prayer and practicality with everything available to us to give.

I have four girls and that makes a lot of sister connections in one family. I could only pray that they would each be as loyal, loving and resourceful in each of those relationships. I'm glad they've seen my sis and I work through differences along the way and remain loving to one another. Its a legacy to pass on that would make my heart so happy.

Today is my sister's birthday. We got to celebrate together yesterday for the first time in many, many years. It's a gift to me. As the years go by, simple treasures like a special occasion spent together grab a certain new significance.

We made some fun memories yesterday. A girlie lunch with her friends, shopping, and dinner with the family at a fancy restaurant. It was fun to see her laugh and enjoy and receive the accolades she deserves for being a great mom, a great sister and a just great person! When her face turned red as they sang a public happy birthday to her, it made me smile inside. She was loving every minute.

As I was writing her birthday card, a silly little poem popped in my head. Not sure what's up with that but it's not unusual for us girls so share a little poetic thought now and then :)

Sisters we have been,
Through thick and a little thin;
Walking hand in hand,
Though spread across the land.

Together we'll always be.
In our hearts for eternity;
Walk a few more miles, we will,
Friends - Sisters remaining still.

I love ya, sis!!!

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