Monday, February 28, 2011

Dressing Blessing

Oh my!!! Nanny went a little crazy yesterday. Finally having even a few minutes to browse a baby store turned into a wardrobe-palooza for the little girl we are expecting - in just 13 weeks!!!
As the days tick off the 40 week calendar, this grandmother is getting giddy about everything infant. I just can hardly wait. And my friends who are grandmothers are fueling the fire. On and on they go about how absolutely wonderful it is to hold a tiny treasure of legacy in your arms. I'm just not sure I can make it 13 more weeks!!

Dave was so sweet to drop me at an outlet mall for a few minutes yesterday. My radar zeroed in on a baby store. I was immediately mesmerized by pink and tiny....and then I saw it! The 75% off sign on nearly every shelf and rack. I was so undone. I took me exactly 20 minutes to pick up a substantial armful of goodies for her and check out with enormous satisfaction with my purchases. SCORE!!!!

I hopped back in the car with Dave, who was ready for me to head to several other stores, when I surprised him and said, "okay, I'm done". I was spent...both budget and baby had gotten all of me for 20 minutes. I was ready to get home and show Lori - NOW!

Well, actually, I just couldn't wait and pulled the frocks from the bag, snapped pics with my phone and texted them to her.

This is just the beginning of the fun yet to come. I knew you'd want to see pictures and I'm happy to oblige. To complete the view for you, you need to know some things that I'm pretty sure of.
1. Our little girl will almost surely have dark hair - lots of it.
2. She will have big eyes that capture your gaze.
3. Beautiful and adorable will be just two words that can't even come close to describing her.

Could you just die at how she'll look in these outfits? My imagination runs wild!

I'm showing you just a sampling. :):)

It was a


  1. What fun! The Christmas sweater is beyond adorable.

  2. Nanny - Thank you so much for buying me new clothes! I’m absolutely going to love wearing them! I agree with you that I can barely wait another 13 weeks to meet you but I need a little more time to grow before I meet my wonderful family! I have a feeling we are going to have an extra special bond possibly making us inseparable! Thank you for loving me before you have even met me! I know I’m going to love you as much as my mom does! See you on or before June 2nd! Love, your new little granddaughter

  3. Well Nannie, What a joy this must be! I love those outfits