Friday, September 17, 2010

An Italian Hoop-de-doo Recipe

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One of the great things about daughters is all the things you can share. From closets to secrets to health and beauty ideas. And certainly recipes!

Here's one I made for my Monday night Bible study group this week. I got it from Julie (far right) who lives in Colorado. A good recipe exchange is only a phone call or email away between the two of us.

Not only did it smell fabulous and look beautiful - it tasted GREAT!! The best part is I made it the night before and then put it in the oven from the fridge. So easy!!

Here's what you need:
2 cans petite diced tomatoes (you can use the flavored kind if you want)
1 bag of chopped frozen spinach in the bag not the box
1 bag of frozen ravioli - meat or cheese; colored or not
2 cups of fresh grated parmesan cheese (grate your own or buy the tub, DON'T use the canned kind)
Fresh or dried basil, S&P, fresh or jar minced garlic, oregano

Here's what you do:
Pour first can of tomatoes in the bottom of a cake pan. Add garlic. Sprinkle chopped spinach over that. Salt and pepper generously. Lay the ravioli over that. Take 1/2 the parm cheese that you have mixed with basil and oregano. Spread it on top of the frozen ravioli. Then just repeat the layers. Tomatoes/garlic/s&p/spinach/ravioli/cheese. Put some diced fresh tomatoes on top if you have some. Drizzle a lot of olive oil over the whole thing. Either bake immediately or refrigerate and then bake.

We served it with a nice soft loaf of French bread and dipping oil.

There was not a spec left. Delicious and I'm thinking pretty healthy too!!

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