Tuesday, July 20, 2010


“You’ll never get anywhere you’re not headed”. A wise mentor

My friend, Amy, recently bought a house that needs a total renovation - on purpose. She’s up for the challenge of doing demo work and removing rubble. She’s excited about making a million and one decisions and choices about what to put in that house to transform it into a home.

I’ve been thinking about renovation, as well. But not a home renovation. I’ve decided to undertake a renovation of the most personal kind. The end goal is wholeness and wellness and joy – from the inside out.

So this blog will be about a million and one decisions and choices I’m going to make along the way. It’s about knowing myself well enough to know what “fits” and what doesn’t in this season of my life. It's about removing rubble and "decorating" with care. It’s about understanding that choices I make today influence my readiness for the unknown of tomorrow.

My working definition of a turning point goes something like this. A landmark/event marking a unique or important change of course or one on which important developments depend. Did you read that?

Your gonna love this one – The point at which a significant, decisive change occurs, a point at which something changes direction.

I’ve given myself full permission to make U-Turns. Those of you that know me understand that I always take that opportunity when I’m on the road and even break the rules most times.

So now I’m applying that in a new way. I’m giving myself permission to make U-Turns that take me in an unexpected, unplanned direction. The choices are mine to make. I have to live with them – good, bad or otherwise.

The quote from my mentor says it all. “Where am I headed?” is an important question to ask myself. On my journey, I’m headed toward God, people and self - in that order by the way. I hope you’ll join me in the fun of decorating my “home”. And along the way it’s likely you’ll discover some turning point moments of your own.

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